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When you work with our team of professionals, you no longer have to worry about closing costs, mortgage approvals or open houses.

  • Choose your own closing date
  • Sell as is. No repairs needed.
  • No commissions or closing costs. 

Four Steps To Sell Your Property


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Choose your close date and accomplish your goals

We Buy Houses and Provide Honest Solutions

There are many “we buy houses“ companies in the market – so what makes us different?

First, we do not identify ourselves as just another “we buy houses” company. We identify ourselves as a professional real estate solutions provider and redevelopment company. Our business model is centered around three very important and uncompromising principles: People, Service, and Integrity.

Selling w/ An Agent

6% commisions / Fees on average is paid by you, the seller

2% Closing Cost is paid by you, the seller

Inspection & financing contingencies

Sale is often subject to Appraisal

Average days until sold: +/- 91 days

Numerous showings

Closing date: 30-60 +/- days

Repair cost negotiated during inspection period

SOLD to The First Choice Group

NO Commision / Fees

We pay all closing costs

NO Inspection & financing contingencies

No Appraisal needed, We make cash offers


1 (Just Us)


No Repair Cost, we pay for all repairs


Mo and Rocco were the absolute best at helping me sell my property quickly. I was in a very tough situation. I lived in California and had a property in New Jersey that was falling apart as well as losing money due to bad tenants. I needed to sell quickly and they were extremely honest in their entire approach. They offered me a better price than I expected and I was able to save myself from a disaster. I feel like I got really lucky when I met these two. Thank you both for helping me when I was scared of what to do next.

The Martinez Family

The team at First Choice Group is by far the best group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the start, they were responsive at any time I called, they kept me updated on the entire process, and I was able to sell my property for a very good price. We closed in two weeks and they covered all closing costs. Best thing is that I didn’t pay a single dollar in fees.

Kelsi J.

I almost got screwed trying to list my property. I listed my property with an agent and was always “one week away” from closing until issues constantly pushed closing further. I was no longer willing to wait any longer and cancelled the deal. Months wasted and nobody cared until I met with the guys at First Choice Group. We closed on the property in 3 weeks. Got an amazing price, didn’t have to pay out a 6% commission and fees to a realtor who was only in it for the money. Honestly, glad that the original listing fell through because I ended up netting more money selling as is than wasting my time with realtors and strangers constantly entering my property.

Zohar Levy

Nick is a savior. I recently got under contract with my first fix and flip and was getting charged insane rates by these lenders. A buddy of mine recommended the First Choice Group to me and they were honest with me from day 1. Nick was able to save me a bunch of money by lowering my rate, and getting me 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab. At first, I was really nervous I wouldn’t find a lender or close in time but thankfully we closed in 2 weeks and now I’ve successfully completed my first fix and flip. Thank you guys, I couldn’t have financed my property in a better way.

Mike Stanson

Just give these guys a call and let them take care of the rest. This was the most hassle free process that I’ve ever dealt with. These guys are extremely professional and really care about taking care of whoever they work with . I’m glad I sold them my property and if I had 100 more properties, I would give them a call each and every time. They purchased my old property and helped me find funding for my new one. In with a 2 family and out with a 1 family. Thank you First Choice Group for everything you’ve done since day 1.

Clayton Smith

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